Everyday we love him, but today (with all of the buzz around Channing Tatum with his new roles in ‘Public Enemies‘ and ‘G.I. Joe‘) OK! Magazine and the rest of the world is loving him too!

From OK! Magazine to JustJared.com to just about every other entertainment or comic book-related site and/or blog out there, Hollywood is all abuzz with the news of Channing’s new roles.

They are finally catching on to what we’ve all known for a really long while, and I have to say that it’s about darn time!!! :-D

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3 Responses to Today OK! Magazine (And Everyone Else) is Loving Channing Tatum!!!

  1. Alex says:

    Go, Chan-man! Go Chan-man! It’s your birthday! Well, almost!

  2. Naz says:

    Finally, took der tym!!

  3. Kat says:

    I was just watching The Daily 10 on the E! network and they were talking about Channing’s G.I. Joe role!!!!! So happy for him. Most movies he did at the beginning of his career were based toward a teenage demographic. I believe. I am 29 years old and not a lot of my friends run out to see movies like She’s the Man, or Step Up. Although most of them have run out to rent them, at my request. Well, honestly, more like at my demand! But all have responded back with positive excitement to see more. MORE CHANNING! I have a younger friend (Dea, 21) she actually brought Step Up to my house, to loan to me while my cable was out. And I let it sit in my closet for months. Once I watched it, I was hooked. My 3 yr old son and I watch it (we dance together while watching) atleast once a week. I think the days of people luckily stumbling upon a Channing Tatum movie role are O V E R! Anxiously waiting for more, Kat, Nashville.

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