Variety is reporting that Oliver Stone (Oscar-winning director of Channing Tatum’s postponed Vietnam war drama ‘Pinkville‘) is now moving on to a new project called ‘Bush’.

It’s a movie focusing on the life and presidency of George W. Bush, and Josh Brolin is currently slated to star in the film.

So what does this new development mean for Channing Tatum’s ‘Pinkville‘?

Here’s what Stone had to say about why the project was postponed, how he felt about the cast, and what he feels about the future of the movie…

…Stone said his NYU classmate Weiser did a lot of research as they worked for more than a year on the project before setting the script aside when Stone committed to “Pinkville.” While UA partners Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise said they pulled the plug on that movie because of the WGA strike, Stone seemed to support widespread speculation that the strike was an excuse to kill another war-themed movie that UA was wary of making after its first release, “Lions for Lambs,” flopped.

“On ‘Pinkville,’ I had a great script and one of the best casts on any of my films, with 40 young actors and Bruce Willis,” Stone said. “It’s a shame they lost faith in the film, and that they unemployed 500 people right before Christmas. We were three weeks from shooting.”

Stone hopes to get his script back so he can revive “Pinkville” down the line…”

Since this new film’s script is already written, it’s not affected by the ongoing writer’s strike that partially caused ‘Pinkville‘ to get postponed. If they are able to get financing quickly enough, ‘Bush’ could start production as early as April and could be in theaters for the next US election or the inauguration of the new President.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Stone is able to get his script back so he can possibly get ‘Pinkville‘ made at some point in the future.


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  1. elay says:

    my fingers are crossed. i really am hoping this film would push through..can’t wait..

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