Today is a red letter day in Channing Tatum Unwrapped history, because exactly one year ago, I posted the very first article on this blog. So just in case you missed you it, here’s a quick look at what has happened at CTU this extremely eventful past year….

Site Stats
Web sites are all about the numbers and here’s a few that I’m quite proud of….

Posts: 666
Although the number may seem a little unholy, I’m really happy with it, because it means I exceeded my goal of having at least one post every single day. I also feel really good about the amount of quality content I was able to to find and the fact that reader’s contributed to well-over 100 of those posts by submitting photos, videos, and information. I have a feeling that 2008 is going to exceed that number, because this past year Channing had 1 new movie and this year he has 4, so get ready fans!

Chat Box Posts: 258,960
I added the CTU CBox (aka chat box) to the site in May and have had 6 virtual parties with fans from every corner of the world. I truly can’t believe how much fans have used it to make friends, stay connected, and gossip about Channing, Jenna, and almost anything else you can imagine (literally). Believe it or not, the CBox averages over 1,100 posts a day, and I’m sure that number is just going to continue to grow.

Visitors: 377,870
Channing Tatum has tons of fans around the world and thankfully a lot of them found their way to CTU. Again, I know that number is going to be even bigger next year.

Page Views: 650, 651
Each time someone views an article or the main page of the site, it registers as a pageview, so thanks to everyone who has been really busy reading what I’ve been unwrapping every day.

Feed Subscribers: 450 – 500
Readers who don’t want to miss any of the articles or photos I post daily on CTU have been subscribing to the Channing Tatum Unwrapped Email and RSS feeds, and I’m happy that subscriber numbers have consistently climbed all year.

MySpace Friends: 4,333
The CTU profile on MySpace has been viewed almost 75,000 times and currently averages around 30 new friends a day. You all have left over 1,400 comments and over 2,300 messages for Channing and I, all of which I definitely read. I know for sure that 2008 numbers are going to exceed that and I have to admit that I’m a little afraid.

Gallery Photos: 3,725
If you haven’t taken the time to look lately, the Channing Tatum Unwrapped Photo Gallery has grown from zero photos to over 3,700 photos in the past year. The gallery was accessed over 260,000 times and each of the photos were viewed over 1 MILLION times last year. You can CLICK HERE to learn how to view and download the photos that can be used as myspace graphics, screen savers, wallpapers, avators, icons, and so much more! I would also really like to thank fans that have submitted almost 200 graphics and art work and over 360 icons for the gallery.

Videos: 100
Much like the gallery, the Channing Tatum Unwrapped YouTube Video Channel has grown by leaps and bounds this year thanks to fans letting me know about videos they like, thanks to CTU readers like Rialle who help me get the videos added to the channel and thanks to insiders like Casper Martinez who send me exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. The channel currently has 94 subscribers and 39 friends.

Songs: 31
I added the CTU MP3 player to the site in July and fans seem to really like listening to songs from the ‘Step Up’,’Step Up 2: The Streets’, ‘The Trap’, ‘Stop-Loss’, and ‘She’s the Man’ soundtracks, and the talented new artist and my really good friend Rialle. As a side note, you can click here to view the video Rialle just created to thank CTU readers for all of the support you have given her this year.

Contest Winners: 15
One of the things I love to do on CTU is give away prizes to the readers. We have had 6 different contests where readers around the world have won free Channing Tatum DVD’s and autographed photos and magazine articles. We have also had 9 Fabulous Fan Spotlighters who have won custom Channing Tatum posters and a Dear John ebook for a reader in the Philippines that was having trouble finding the book. Later today I’ll announce the next huge contest for the blog, so make sure to check back!

Hot Posts
Here are some of the most popular articles and article categories from the past year:

Red Letter Events
There have been a lot of posts this year, but below you will find what I consider to be the most important articles I posted in 2007:


Finally I want to thank a few hundred thousand people…

To CTU Readers:I can’t thank you all enough for supporting Channing, for reading this site, and also for taking the time to contribute to it with your comments, chats, submissions, and participation in contests and Channing’s gifts. We have formed a very special family here at CTU, and I honestly could not be more proud of what this site has become. HUGE hugggggssssss to Gina, Tina, Alex, Naz, Vienna, Marlie, Kerline, Jenny, Ashers, Anita, Liz, Lise, Jan, Brandi, Allison, Louis, Diana, Faith, Mikey, Miguel and all of my friends here at CTU.

To Chan, Kay, Paige, Glenn, and Jenna:I seriously can’t thank you all enough for deciding to be a part of this family. Your support has been unexpected and completely priceless. I loved doing this blog before you all contacted me, but having you all be a part of CTU has pushed this experience beyond amazing. Thanks and a big CTU huggggggsssss to each and every one of you.

2008 and Beyond
When I met Channing this past October he told me about his mom Kay’s philosophy on success. She says that success comes when preparation meets opportunity.

As I have said before, I didn’t plan most of the incredible things that have happened at CTU this year. I didn’t even know that a lot of what has happened was possible. If I had not actually experienced it, I probably would not even believe it myself. Which is why it’s pretty amazing to me that CTU has been one of the biggest successes in my life.

What will CTU look like in another 12 months?

  • I hope the site continues to inform Channing’s fans around the world and helps them to support his career as he quickly moves up the Hollywood ladder from up and comer to A-list mega star and producer.
  • I hope I will be able to bring fans even more behind-the-scenes information about Channing and all of his projects.
  • Above everything else, I hope CTU continues to be a vibrant community full of fans who appreciate Channing for the talented and good-hearted person he is.

As always, I promise to work hard every day to be the best, most interesting, and most comprehensive site dedicated to Chan the person and Channing Tatum the star. You can count on me to bring you the very latest news, commentary, pictures, videos, fan discussions and even more about today’s hottest actor.

Keep checking back daily if you don’t want to miss a thing.
If 2007 was any indication, then I can promise 2008 will be a pretty wild ride!!!

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  1. Allison says:

    wow!!!!!!!! HAPPPY ANNIVERSARY MY FAVORITE SITE ON THIS WHOLE DANG WEB!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! and i am so proud to be apart of most of the things mentioned on here!!! GO CTU!! && 2008 will bring even more! trust me. cuz i will be BRINGIN IT! haha…betta watch out!!!! lol
    love ya!

  2. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CTU ! I love to be here and i thank u Q to listed at ur “THANKS” ! Im very glad to be 1 of the CTU-Family !
    KEEP IT UP, QUISHE !!!!!!!!
    HUGSSSSSSSSSSSss from Anita

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! It feels sooo great to be part of this family!

    Thank you very much for everything Q! Love lots and

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! I am so glad to be part of our little family. 2008 is going to be great!
    (hey that rhymes)



  5. Naz says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CTU!!!! Dis place is da bomb, da only place 2 b!! Thnx Q 4 mention all of us in ya thnx =]

    Here’s 2 a gr8 2008 spent avin tons of fun!!!


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