I have always hated posers in the Channing world and there are more than any of us can count. So now that Channing Tatum Unwrapped is Channing’s official site, I feel that it’s even more important that I try to educate fans on the severe poser issue that exists all over the internet.

It was brought to my attention by Channing and Jenna’s friend Josh and by Channing Tatum Fan Brandi that numerous Channing Tatum posers on MySpace are already using the picture that Channing personally sent to CTU as proof of his identity to try to convince unsuspecting MySpacers that they are the “real” Channing Tatum.

I just really want to remind everyone that Channing Tatum still does NOT have a MySpace where he talks to his fans. He does NOT have a Facebook, Friendster, or Bebo profile. He also does NOT chat on MSN or Yahoo Messenger with fans either.

I am so sorry that these posers are fooling so many fans, so I want to do what I can to help protect people from the foolishness that is rampant on the social networking sites and instant message services.

Here is a prime example…Brandi (a person who asked me if she could use Chan’s picture on her really awesome fan profile on MySpace and I gladly gave permission to, because the pic is for fans and she is a fan, not a poser) sent me the following bulletin that one of Channing’s posers sent out to his friends on MySpace. Notice how much the post resembles the real email Chan sent to me:

Believe it of not I’ve been trying to answer all fan mail for a while now, but somethings wrong with my in-box thingy u know myspace always tripping. Plus I could not be more computerly chanllenged. I’m still gonna keep trying though. So if u get a message from me that u sent me along time ago dont be shocked.

I don’t get on the computer that much. So when i do…myspace is always first on my list so i can talk 2 all my fans personally.

So anyways if you don’t believe its me i posted a crappy picture from my side kick I tried 4 a long time to write in and put personal pictures up but then every body on myspace has my pics but I didn’t know how to convince you it was me so I’m trying now with the pic from my kick….if you dont believe its me sorry. i still love you guys.

Yours, Chan

Just to make it really clear, this bulletin did NOT come from the real Channing Tatum. This is a letter crafted by a poser who is a reader of this site using the real email Chan sent to me and all of you. You can click here to see the real letter.

When I looked at the poser’s profile, he currently has a ton of pictures from CTU on it, including Channing’s birthday gift picture. His default picture shows Channing’s cell phone picture with the CTU tag cut off. I sent him an email asking him to stop what he is doing, because it’s just wrong. I hope that he makes the right decision and stops trying to fool Channing’s fans.

I struggled with whether I should post his profile address or not. I have come to the decision at this time that I don’t want to promote his site any further. All that you need to know is that if you encounter ANYONE on MySpace or any of the other social networking sites saying that they are Channing, please do not believe them. If you are concerned about a profile or a person who has contacted you on the instant messaging sites, please email me at [email protected] and I will try to help you figure out if it is the real Channing or not.

There are a lot of great fan profiles on the social networking sites that help promote Channing without trying to convince people that they actually are Channing. Support those profiles, because they are the true fans.

P.S. Because I have gotten this question, I want to make sure that everyone knows that Channing’s girlfriend Jenna Dewan DOES have an offical MySpace profile. You can visit it at http://www.myspace.com/jennadewan. Jenna has a ton of posers pretending to be her too, so please only believe her official profile.

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3 Responses to WARNING: Watch Out for the Channing Tatum Posers Everywhere!!!

  1. Danielle says:

    I just have to post my opinion… People need to GET A LIFE!!
    That is for all posers & hackers. Seriously, what is wrong with people????!!!
    ~Danielle aka jaxpnut~

  2. Tina says:

    Danielle is right.. Channing posers should get a life and not try to fool innocent chan fans…And about the myspace poser owner of the bulletin post that brandi found and sent to quishe, it really does resemble the one that the REAL Channing sent to QUISHE and QUISHE only!, oh my God!!! Whoever you are, you should really look into your heart and realize that what your doing is TOTALLY Wrong…

    Dont get me wrong, we all know that Channing LOVE his fans and it would be GREAT if he did have his own myspace where he talks to his fans, but HE DOESNT HAVE A MYSPACE, FRIENDSTER, or ANY other social site.. He only has Channing Tatum Unwrapped as his ONLY OFFICIAL WEBSITE representing him on the internet.. take note: OFFICIAL!!!!

    So for those POSERS out there, GET A LIFE! CTU is the only site that represents Channing Tatum. And for the billions and billions of Chan Fans, please…please…do not be fooled by the profiles claiming that they are the REAL Channing. He does NOT have his own mypace, or any other social Site.

    Like what quishe said on her post, there are fan profiles on Myspace that promotes Channing WITHOUT convincing people that they are the real Chan. And I admire them for that.. Please support the fan sites. but those sites who claim that they are the REAL Channing? please DO NOT BELIEVE them..

    I am personally saying sorry for those fans who have been fooled by the thousands of posers that claims they are the real Channing.
    It is so sad to know that those poser people exist.. * sighs *

    I hope that by reading this, all of you Chan Fans would know the truth and not be fooled anymore..

    Please spread the Word: Channing Tatum Unwrapped: Official Channing Tatum Website…

  3. Bernie says:

    There’s someone on Instagram using Channing Tatum s name as there messaging me what do I do

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