If you’ve been reading the blog a while, then you know that Channing Tatum was chosen along with Lindsay Lohan (aka LiLo) and Rosario Dawson for roles in the movie ‘Poor Things’.

Just to quickly recap, LiLo went to rehab for the second time this year right around the time the movie was supposed to start filming in May, she extended her stay in rehab (a lot of good that did her), had a relapse quickly after exiting the extended rehab, and is now in her third try at rehab this year in Utah. Now in the middle of all of that mess, ‘Poor Things’ decided to stick by their troubled starlet, lost Channing in the process, and replaced him with Giovanni Ribisi.

Channing went from being listed as part of the cast on the movie’s IMDB profile to being listed as rumored with Giovanni added to the list and now only Giovanni remains on the cast list.

So finally the IMDB profile for the movie has been updated to reflect what we all have known for quite sometime. Channing is not going to be in ‘Poor Things’ at this point, because of scheduling conflicts caused by LiLo-induced production delays. Just so you know, I am basing this on information from production insiders and the IMDb update. I am hoping I can confirm this and all of the rest of Chan’s project committments very soon.

But if you talk to crew and cast who were working on the project, they are saying that the entire production either has been canceled or is extremely close to being canceled completely.

One poster on IMDB who worked with the production said the following, “I was working on it. It’s been over for a while…The offices are all but shut down and no one is on staff any more. There is no movie.”

An actress who had a role on the film contacted me and had this to say, “The movie has been ‘shelved’. I spoke to Shirley’s [MacLaine's] publicist a few days ago and even SHE didn’t know what was happening. Nobody is talking, but I was told the ‘offices’ for the production are shut down (at a Marina del Rey Hotel) and that everyone is going off to do other projects. I stopped getting calls about what was happening or when or where or how around mid July.”

We may never get to see Channing in this ill-fated movie, but I did my homework and found out what roles Channing and LiLo would be playing in the film.

‘Poor Things’ was based on a true story about two older women (played by Shirley MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis) who somehow took out insurance polices on unsuspecting homeless men and then, believe it or not, killed them to get the insurance money.

The actress who contacted me told me that Channing had a really cool role where he was going to play a young homeless ‘victim’ of Olympia and Shirley’s characters and is picked up by them at a homeless shelter. From what she says, “There were scenes that would show how hot he is and the role would have/could have shown the depth of his acting abilities.”

Only Channing could somehow make homelessness look hot.

Ironically, LiLo was going to play the niece of Shirley’s character who is also a messed up, crazy druggy just out of a mental institution. Wow! Can we say “type cast”? Maybe the second stay at rehab was really just research for this role! That may be why it didn’t work. She did not realize she was REALLY supposed to be doing rehab.

OK, I’m totally kidding. Multiple visits to rehab is a common occurance among people with LiLo’s problems. Let’s just hope for her sake that the third times a charm and she truly takes it seriously this time.

Well, I was looking forward to seeing Channing in this dark comedy, but I guess that’s Hollywood! And when I really think about it, I wasn’t quite ready to see Channing get killed in a movie anyway. That might have freaked me out a little.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, so not being in this movie seems to have already opened the door for his many other projects, which I am sure will have much less drama than this one did (hopefully).

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