This past weekend at the 2007 Spirit Awards Rebecca Murray of interviewed Channing Tatum on the blue carpet on his way into the awards tent.

Among other things, in the quick interview we get an idea of what kind of roles Channing would like to tackle in the near future and we learn how surprised he was to receive a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the unconventional awards show that celebrates the independent movie industry.

Here is snippet of the interview…

[If you think you know Channing Tatum after watching the teen movies She's the Man and Step Up, think again. Tatum is more than a pretty face as evidenced by his role in the critically acclaimed indie drama, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Tatum's earned high praise for his role in Saints and even picked up a Spirit Awards nomination for Best Supporting Male.

A newcomer to award shows, Channing Tatum seemed to be taking the Spirit Awards in stride. On the blue carpet on his way into the event, Tatum stopped to talk about his transition from teen roles to more adult fare.

Why was it important for you to change up things by taking on a role in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints?
“This is always where I kind of wanted my career but you have to go through some of that other stuff to get here. Well, not here but in that film. I don’t know. That was a very personal – very, very, very personal role for me.”

What made it so personal? What did you relate to about the character?
“Antonio was basically my best friend growing up. I was more the Dito character, the more reserved guy who ended up pulling away. It was kind of like an homage to my friend.”

Did you expect all the recognition, including a Spirit Award nomination, for this?
“Absolutely not.”

How does that affect you?
“It kind of came out of left field to be honest, because I didn’t have any of this in mind. I can truly say that because this is the first award show I’ve ever been to. You do things without any expectations and good things happen, like this.”

Are you done with ‘teen’ roles?...
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