If someone were to ask me why I am such a big Channing Tatum fan (other than the obvious talent and professionalism that he demostrates in all of his roles and the clear man candy quality that he exudes on a daily basis), I would without hesitation have to say I love the fact that he seems to have a great sense of humor. In the photo above, we are able to get a glimpse of his adorable ability not to take himself too seriously.

Here is a snippet of a new MTV.com article where we get to hear Channing’s light-hearted take on this weekend’s 2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Antonio in the indy film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints:

[...Some 20 feet from a row of Port-O-Potties and a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean, the Independent Spirit Awards felt more like "a family beach party," Best Female Lead winner Shareeka Epps insisted, than an important Oscar precursor and a celebration of independent cinema.

"Everybody's just chilled out, by the beach. I mean, how uptight can you be if you can see the water?" Channing Tatum added with a laugh. "If I could have shown up here in my skivvies, I would have — some socks and a tank top."

Tatum, up for an award as Best Supporting Male, probably could have gotten away with it. Nowhere was the relaxed atmosphere more evident than in nominees' apparel, which ranged from T-shirts and jeans to ... well, open-collar button-downs and jeans. It was a style that Zach Braff called "California casual," — a far cry from your uncle's Oscars."...]

I wonder who talked him out of the skivvies idea. I’m thinking that would have been really good for ratings and not to mention how happy that would have made all of us fans. More importantly, with that kind of outfit choice, they would have had to give him some kind of award. Alan Arkin (the guy who, as far as I’m concerned, stole Channing’s Best Supporting Male award at the 2007 Spirit Awards) might have even volunteered his. :-)

[Article Source: MTV.com]

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