DID YOU KNOW?…It’s not like I needed another reason to love Channing or his movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and I have to say that the mental picture of seeing him reading his script as he lounges in the tub naked drives me to complete distraction. Although we will probably never get the opportunity to share a tub with Channing, luckily for us it seems that the shirtless clause he has in his movie contracts carries over to his interviews too. :-D

In the above interview, we actually learn some really cool things about Channing and his role of Antonio in AGTRYS. Here’s a recap:

1) He reads scripts in the bath tub. (I am now checking to see how I can officially be changed into a script. I’ll let you know what I find out.)

2) He had a real love for the character and the script, because it made him both laugh and cry while he was reading it…in the bath tub. :-)

3) Although he played dysfunctional and dangerous, Antonio in the movie, he feels that he really is more like the main character Dito, but he has had friends in the past that were self-destructive like Antonio.

Here is what the writer and director, Dito Montiel, had to say about Channing’s portrayal of Antonio in an exclusive interview with LittleWhiteLies.co.uk:

LWL- How did you go about casting the film and what did each actor bring to their role?

DitoWell it’s not just my choices (in the film), but the actor’s choices as well. You know, Channing (Tatum) looks nothing like my friend Antonio and when Channing showed up it was terrifying to me, I was like “no way, this guy’s from Alabama” He’s six foot tall, blue eyes blonde hair, I don’t know how much further you could get from my the guy I grew up with, but he brought a quality to that role and a connection that, I don’t think he even meant to, and at the end of the day he was closer to the person that I remembered than even I wrote…”

Yet another person talking about Channing’s ability to connect with or become his character. I can’t wait for the movie to come out on DVD on Tuesday!

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