If you’ve been reading the blog over the past few weeks, you may be familiar with my previous Rumor or Reel entry on the rumors around Channing and Jenna’s possible breakup. I definitely did not start the false rumor, but I hope that I may have had something to do with helping to bring it to an end.

In the previous entry, I mentioned that there was a site called WhosDatedWho.com that said Jenna and Channing stopped dating at the end of 2006 and that Channing started dating some person named Megan Dewall right after. I also mentioned that mysteriously I couldn’t find ANY information on this Megan person on the internet and Who’s Dated Who did not have a photo.

Happily now I think I know why I couldn’t find anything on Ms.Dewall. I learned that Who’s Dated Who is actually updated by fans submitting information to the company. They then try to “verify” the information that is submitted. I don’t know what that verification process is, but it seems to me that this Megan person may have duped Who’s Dated Who.

Maybe its from all those years of watching Matlock, Murder She Wrote, or Veronica Mars or it’s just my natural nosiness, but I have always been a pretty good detective. Instead of the mystery starting with the death of a person, it started with the rumored death of Channing and Jenna’s relationship.

So how did Channing Tatum Unwrapped help debunk the rumor you may ask? Well, once I figured out what may be going on, I submitted an update to the site letting them know I felt the information was inaccurate. To substantiate this, I sent them a link to my article showing them pictures of Channing and Jenna in 2007. They not only added my comment to the site, but they also removed Megan Dewall from Channing’s dating history. The picture above shows the updated page with only Jenna Dewan and Amanda Bynes.

Here’s a screen shot with my comment on their site:

As I have always said, take what you read on the internet (including this blog) with a grain of salt. To think that this whole false breakup report may have started with a person who thought it would be funny to submit there own name to the site. It just shows you how crazy the internet and celebrity can be. With rumors like this working against you, I don’t think we have to wonder why it’s so hard to stay in a relationship in Hollywood.

So based on the my theory, maybe you too can date a star if you can get past Who’s Dated Who’s screeners. I am not advocating that you do what I think Megan did, because I really hate that this particular false update contributed to a completely untrue breakup of a really great couple.

P.S. Now you may be saying to yourself “Why does Who’s Dated Who have Amanda Bynes listed on Channing’s profile when we all know they did not date?” (see this CTU article that debunks the Amanda Bynes dating rumor too). Well I figured I would fight one battle at a time. I will now work on getting that false rumor fixed to. Don’t worry your pretty little head. CTU’s on the case. ;-)

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2 Responses to RUMOR OR REEL?: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Breakup Debunked

  1. EB says:

    Good job with debunking this rumor. I check your site every morning for my Channing fix. You do a great job of informing his fans about what’s going on with him and his films. I had the same suspicions about Megan. But anyway, keep up the good work. Your next assignment, if you chose to accept is finding out if they are engaged or married. She is sporting the huge diamond on “the” hand and he has a ring as well. I am a little jealous of Jenna, but aren’t we all.

    My personal opinion about Jenna and Tatum is I hope it works. Hollywood has a way of damaging a good thing. But, I hope they have or develop a strong spiritual center. The marriages and relationships that I see work the best are those that are Christ centered. Prayerfully, God will work in their lives for their best and His glory. Thanks for the update and sorry for the preachiness.

  2. Blog Expert says:

    I am glad you enjoy the blog! As a bonified hopeless romantic, I promise that if I find out they are engaged or married (which would be so cool) I will definitely report it on CTU.

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