OMG! Where is Jenna Dewan when you need her? OK don’t get your britches in a twist when you see this March 2006 photo of Channing Tatum kissing and/or dating his She’s the Man costar Amanda “Lucky Beyond Belief” Bynes in broad daylight when his was supposedly dating Jenna Dewan. This picture started serious rumors that he was cheating on Jenna, but you should be happy to know that all of the Amanda Bynes dating rumors were completely false. You can learn more about the inaccuracy of the rumor by reading this Cosmogirl blog entry by a good friend of Channing and Jenna’s.

The pictures of their clandestine rondevue on the street came out around the same time that Channing and Jenna moved in together and may have caused poor Jenna some heartache. A picture speaks 1000 words, so I am sure that Jenna felt Channing had some Lucy Ricardo style splaining to do. Well don’t worry, because in addition to being extremely hot, he seems to also be a good boyfriend. Once he found out that these rumors were going around, he had his people talk to various websites that were spreading the rumors, let them know he was not dating Amanda Bynes and that they are just friends. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore. :-)

P.S. If you really look at the picture, they don’t even seem to be kissing on the lips. Funny how in route to kissing someone’s cheek it can appear that you are in a liplock. After Amanda-gate, I am sure that he was more careful about being so friendly to Hollywood starlets not named Jenna.

UPDATE #1: I recently found a link to the other pictures that were taken with the one above. I could see how people could be a little confused about Amanda and Channing’s past dating status.

UPDATE #2: I just found this article online with a quote from Channing Tatum’s dad where he talks about the whole Amanda/Channing picture issue:


Innocent starlet Amanda Bynes has fallen for her older She’s the Man co-star, Channing Tatum. But heartache is lurking around the corner, as he’s still dating another woman whom he’s been seeing for the past six months.

On March 17, the day their comedy hit theaters (the movie rung up an impressive $11 million in ticket sales in it’s first week), Channing, 25, and Amanda, 19 (who also stars on the WB’s What I Like About You), were photographed on the streets of NYC openly kissing and hugging. “They were all over each other and shared a deep, passionate kiss,” an eyewitness tells Star People. “They were very lovey-dovey.”

Although Amanda’s character falls for Channing in the movie script, real life may not hold the Hollywood ending she’s hoping for. Contacted at his home in California, Channing’s father, Glenn M. Tatum, tells Star People that Channing and Amanda are not an item!

“Channing has been in a committed relationship with another young lady, also an actor, for about six months,” Glenn says. “She’s been in Japan working for the past three weeks, but they’ve been in touch nearly every day she’s been gone.” Glenn — who says Channing and Amanda were in NYC to do promotional work for their film — adds: “Friendships were formed [during filming], and many of these people have stayed in touch, including Chan and Amanda.” We’ll see.

Obviously, his dad is talking about Channing being in a relationship with Jenna. This solidifies the fact that the picture thing is probably just a big misunderstanding.

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  1. He loves Jenna. Stop spreading false rumors and doing harm.

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