In his transition from modeling to the big screen, Channing has done two well-known TV commercials with Pepsi and Mountain Dew. Here’s a little bit of information about how he managed to beat out experienced actors for both of his roles.

Channing first auditioned to play a club DJ for a Pepsi commercial called “Scratch”. Although Channing had to compete against experienced New York DJ’s equipped with their own mixers and records, he was able to win the part by borrowing a record from a competitor, acting like he could scratch, and impressing them with his known dancing skills.

After the Pepsi commercial was released, he was asked to fly out to LA to audition for Mountain Dew. Channing found himself again surrounded by experienced actors and many of them he even knew from TV shows. Having never taken an acting class in his life, he felt a little intimidated, but was able to win over the casting team with his Channing charm and ability to follow direction while saying his famous line “Forgot my Dew.”.

After getting the part a day later, he started the seven day shoot which included the task of saying lines while strapped in a car on top of a flatbed truck. As the car flipped upside down, Channing had to pretend that he was driving while pulling the Mountain Dew can out of a guys hand. He caps the sexy performance off by somehow managing to drink the Dew as the car is rotating.

For the daredevil shoot, Channing was taught how to drive fast and do 360s and 180s in the car, but they let the professional stunt man do the most dangerous shots where you had to just miss the camera by a couple of inches.

Four weeks later, the Mountain Dew commercial aired and people started to recognize Channing on the street. Life has never been the same for the actor.

In case you missed the commercials when they were playing, here they are from

Pepsi Commercial:

Mountain Dew Commercial:

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  1. nica says:

    Pepsi commercial with Channing Tatum… is the best ever !!! my entire 23 years of life… i love chan….. versatile!

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