DID YOU KNOW?…Here is a picture of Channing taken at the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2006 where he seems to be channeling a little bit of his tough charactor Antonio from A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

There is a dramatic scene in AGTRYS where one of the characters has a stroke. Out of frustration, Channing’s character Antonio throws a table through the glass window of a door. This was a huge surprise to the director, cast, and crew, because it was not a part of the script. Channing had improvised it. He actually got so wrapped up in the scene, he nearly lost control. The rest of the cast managed to stay in character and finish the scene, and the director ended up liking Channing’s surprise improv so much he kept it as the final version.

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5 Responses to Channing Tatum’s Improvised Scene in AGTRYS

  1. miguelrichardson14 says:

    That’s cool hearing how he improvised that scene….That’s the second tyme i heard he has improvised a scene…That and a scene from She’s the Man…he seem’s to be good at improvising, cause tha directors end up keeping it in the movie.

  2. Blog Expert says:

    I thought it was really cool too! Do you remember where you heard about the improvised scene in She’s the Man? I find that kind of stuff really interesting.

  3. miguelrichardson14 says:

    Haven’t seen the video online in awhile…but ill let you know when i find the video…its a video with the main cast all sitting down with the interviewer asking them all questions..Amanda bynes brings up the part in the movie that Channing Improvised…so far 4 some reason..the only interview i find online is the one with only channing and amanda…but once again…ill let you know when i find it…im going crazy looking 4 it..LOL

  4. miguelrichardson14 says:

    Found it…Way off! http://www.ifilm.com/player/?ifilmId=2710426&pg=&skin=artistdirect&refsite=7201&launchVal=1&mediaSize=default
    During the interview Amanda mentions how Channing did something in the gym scene that was not written in the script..where he opens the phone funny and falls on the weight bench…

  5. Blog Expert says:

    Miguel, you rock! Thanks for finding this. I will take alook at the video and write an article about it this week. Thanks again!

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