Although there are rumors that they may have broken up, I really hope that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are still dating. Channing has said in interviews that he really admires how loving Jenna is and how she likes to teach and help people. Here is a picture of Jenna Dewan and Mia Tyler (the daughter of Steve Tyler in Aerosmith) that shows her volunteering her time at LA’s Downtown Women’s shelter. It may not be the normal glamorous picture you would see in an US Weekly or People Magazine, but she looks beautiful to me and it’s an important picture none the less.

I know this may seem kind of random, but I really like the fact she’s giving back to the community. Thousands of women call shelters home for many reasons that most of of us are lucky to not have to deal with on a daily basis. I think it’s important that stars use their celebrity for good instead of evil and volunteering at shelters like this can shine a light on an issue that may not have gotten any attention.

Keep up the good work Jenna! :-)

[Photo Provided by Amy Graves at]

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2 Responses to Channing Tatum’s Girlfriend: Jenna Dewan Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

  1. Anonymous says:

    me encanta esta chica, es chido.Viva Jenna

  2. carla says:

    She is an angel.You choose the best, she is marvellous.My love for jenna

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