(Press the play button above to watch a clip from the 2006 movie Step Up [Box Office Total: $65.2 Million] starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. You need Quicktime installed on your machine to see the movie clip. Download it for free here.)

DID YOU KNOW…that Channing Tatum did not have any formal dance training prior to his role in 2006′s Step Up, although it may be hard to tell from the movie clip above with Jenna Dewan? He has stated in many interviews that he used to not be able to dance at all, but taught himself by attending Quincenera’s (coming of age parties in the Hispanic community) of 15 year old girls in Florida when he was growing up. His dance routines in the movie were extremely enjoyable to watch :-), so I would like to personally thank all of those young girls for training him so well.

As a person who has done the Harlem Shuffle at EVERY wedding (including my own) I’ve attended since 1975, I was happy to see the twist that the Step Up choreographers threw into the B-More Bounce. Too bad they didn’t have Channing and Jenna teach it as an extra on the DVD, becuase it would have been really fun to learn it and spice up the next wedding.

[Video Provided by Step Up on MySpace.com]

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