Entertainment Weekly recently declared Channing Tatum one of the brightest new stars in 2006. In case you missed the issue in the magazine, here are some highlights from the article:

Although the article recognized his surprise teen hit Step Up, there is no surprise they gave him this award mostly for his “gritty” performance in the indie film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. They were impressed by the fact that Channing was able to get Gotham and Independent Spirit award nominations for his role as Antonio, “a headstrong rebel growing up on the streets of 1980s Queens”. In the article, Channing talks about how he is attracted to films that move him, which turns out to be the smaller movie projects in many cases.

The article also mentions his highly anticipated upcoming projects. Although I’m not a big war movie fan, I personally look forward to seeing Channing as fellow hottie Ryan Phillippe’s best friend in the next drama from director Kimberly Peirce. Although you’ll sometimes hear the movie called the “Untitled Kimberly Peirce Project“, the working title is actually Stop-Loss and it started filming in Austin, Texas toward the end of August in 2006. The movie produced by Paramount Pictures is currently in post-production and will be released some time later this year. The article also mentions his other dramatic role as a riot cop in the movie Battle in Seattle, which is based on the 1999 World Trade Organization riots in Seattle.

In the article, we learn that Channing used to really hate auditions. He’s much more comfortable with it now, because he really just tries to have fun with the process and not take it so seriously.

You can read the Entertainment Weekly article by Lindsay Soll here and you can also view the scanned in version of the actual article on ChanningTatum.org here.

I will write about both movies really soon in this blog, so stay tuned.

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